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Welcome to The Matilda Company Wish List. Make gift-giving (and receiving) easy and fun by creating a Wish List. Then, tell your family and friends, or use your Wish List to keep track of items you want to buy later. Wish List Help
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By making it searchable, you will allow your family and friends to locate your wish list.
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Wish List Help

How do I create a Wish List?

Click on "Wish List" and set up your Wish List. Then, to add items, simply click "Add to My Wish List" from the product page. You can make changes to your Wish List by adding or deleting items. When you're ready to make a purchase, just scroll through your list and click the "Buy it Now" button next to the item on your Wish List. Remember, after an item is purchased, the word "Purchased" will remind you that that item has been purchased.

You can choose to keep your Wish List private. By making your Wish List searchable, you will allow your family and friends to locate your wish list. For your privacy, your personal information won't be shown on your Wish List.

How do my family members and friends make purchases from my Wish List?

Use the Share Your Wish List feature to send a personal e-mail inviting your family members and friends to visit your Wish List. If you choose, you can include your shipping address in the e-mail. Those who receive your e-mail can search for your Wish List by using the name, state, or e-mail adress associated with your Wish List and buy gifts directly from your Wish List. Completed purchases will register as "Purchased" on your Wish List to avoid duplicate gifts. Only you can delete items on your Wish List.

When I add an item to my Wish List, does it guarantee the current price and availability?

Creating a Wish List doesn't put the items you choose "on hold." Prices and availability may change at any time.

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